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where you can get the right shippers and transportation for your goods.
Ocean Freight are responsible for matching authorized and reliable transportation carriers to the shippers and coordinating all of the shipping needs for companies and individuals.

About us

driver When it has to get there on time, you can count on us to deliver. More than freight brokers, we’re the reliable logistics partner you’ve been looking for. As a whole, we’re only as successful as the individuals and companies we serve, which is why we do everything we can to bring success to our shippers by leveraging our experience and expertise to reduce costs, maximize profitability, and streamline the supply chain. We take the guesswork and headache out of shipping, which gives decision-makers like you more time to focus on the core areas of your business.



radioAt Ocean Freight we specialize in providing Shippers and Carriers with logistical solutions including:
- Full Truck Load
- Partial Truck
- Power Only
Our fundamental goal is to match top rated and trusted Carriers with valued shipments, treating each shipment, from time of booking to on-time delivery, as if it were our only one. Individualized attention and monitoring at every step of the transportation process, from booking to assuring on time delivery for every shipment is the sovereign promise.



No matter the type of freight you need to move, where it’s headed, or how fast it needs to get there, our knowledge combined with our extensive logistics network of flatbed trucks, dry vans, reefers, goosenecks, step decks, and lowboys allows us to meet your shipping needs without fail, and certainly without delay. We only work with the most reliable carriers in the nation, which gives our shippers the confidence and peace of mind of knowing their valuable freight is in the right hands.

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